Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Friday, October 4, 2013

How to break the Cisco router password

1.First the plug-in cable in console cable one side and another cable side should be connect laptop/PC
2.restart the switch then Hold the mode button till switch is on command prompt putty/hyper terminal
4.Go control in menu bar and select the send break after enter in the command mode and enter these command 
5.#confreg 0x2142
8.#copy start run
10.#conf t
11.#enable secrete manhalli
12.#service password-encryption
13.#config-register 0x2102
15.#copy run start
  Then all setting will be save

Break the switch password

1.Plug-in in cable in console port and other side plug-in in the       
 laptop in rj-45
2.restart the switch and hold the mode     button
3.Go to the hyper terminal
4.switch:-flash_init (these write in command ) mode
dir flash#6.
In that you can find the config file and rename that file
 rename flash:config.text #7.
(wait 5 minute switch will be boot and restart the enter no after enable the switch easily
But all data should be loss it’s like new switch 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Assalamu alikum


How to break the administrator password in windows system

1.first download one software as shown below link
2.go to another pc or laptop in that connect usb or insert cd
3.double click that software one page will be open then
4.choice the option that like usb or cd boot and select
5.click to burn and wait 2 minute 
6.after finished that process click ok and closed the software
7.remove the usb or cd 
8.connect the usb or insert cd in system which is password protected 
9.start the system and pess f11 go in to BOIS mode
10 In BIOS mode select boot from usb or cd depends on you
11.after selecting click yes 
12.after booting one page will come in that select administrator 
13.click to password reset and after click you can find administrator  password is empty
14.restart the system and remove the usb or cd 
15.after restart the system it will login automatically without any password 
16.finished .

Assalamu alikum  ,

How to access windows system remotely in local area network

1.go start run and write the ip address like below
2.After click ok
3.give the user name and password
4.you can do anything like yor  normal PC.

but one disadvantage client side  system will be log-off  mode

If you don't want logoff client system and he disappear then go this steps

1.first download one software Ultravnc in clinet side  through this link
2.after download you can install like double click 
3.next do same next and choice where you want to install
4. ok after it take 2 minute 
5.after finished installing you can closed the ultra vnc application 
6.go to right side in  menu bar click show hidden icon 
7.choice the Ultra vnc icon and right click and select properties
8.set the password and click ok then closed the 
9.go to the another system same steps 1to 5
10.after installing on you desktop two icon will apper server and viewer
11.open the viewer and give the ip address of client like
12.click ok and enter the password then ok 
13.after that client pc will be open  
14.you can do anything but client side it will disappear
15.finished  .

Assalamu alikum ,

How to install any  drivers in windows 7,8, XP,or vista,

Offline system then you can go this steps

1.copy drivers in any drive like local disk c or d 
2.go to my computer right click and open properties  
3.then go to device manager after permission ask click ok 
4.choice the which icon  is question  or which  device u want to install it 
5.select that option and right click then select update drivers
6.select and click browse my computer for drivers
7.select  the where is drivers folder and ok
8.wait 2 minute after u can find the in same icon without any question mark

If you are online you don't have any driver  then go this steps

1.go to my computer right click and open properties  
2.then go to device manager after permission ask click ok 
3.choice the which icon  is question  or which  device u want to install it 
4.select that option and right click then select update drivers
5.select the automatically update drivers 
6.wait 5 minute it will automatically updates 
7.After u can find the in same icon without any question mark